Waitlist Club

The Parkside Club has its perks.

Naturally, The Hearthstone’s prime location and hygge vibe create demand! Its popularity and reputation lead to very high occupancy. That’s why we created the Parkside Club. It’s a wait list, but a lot more. The Parkside Club is a great way to stay up to date on our community’s improvements including our Lakeside and Cove buildings.

Joining is easy. Fill out the form below and select waitlist from the drop-down options. A representative will be in contact and will send you the waitlist form which you can complete and return with a deposit check for $1,000. Be sure to indicate which type of apartment you are interested in—The Lakeside or The Cove—and the size. The deposit is fully refundable and once you’re in the club, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to community dinners and social events at The Hearthstone.

As apartments become available, the list is called from the top down. Meaning, the earlier you get on it, the better. If you are called and you’re not ready, that’s fine. You’ll remain on the list until the next time!

Learn more about joining the Parkside Club by calling (206) 517-2242 or filling out the form on this page and selecting “waitlist” from the drop-down options.

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