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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A CCRC, such as The Hearthstone, is a community that offers independent living, plus higher levels of care such as assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and medical rehabilitation.

What is the non-profit advantage?

As a non-profit community, The Hearthstone uses entrance fees and monthly service fees to support the operation and invest in programs, amenities and improvements that enrich the lives of our residents. No individuals or entities benefit from our successful operation. The residents and future residents are the sole beneficiaries of this self-sustainable community. Decisions are made in the best interests of our residents, rather than shareholders, as is the case with for-profit organizations.

What fees do I pay at The Hearthstone?

Incoming residents pay a one-time entrance fee and existing residents pay an on-going monthly service fee. Both vary according to the apartment’s size, location and number of occupants.

What does the entrance fee cover?

An entrance fee is a one-time fee for independent living residents based on the type, size and location of the chosen apartment. While the entrance fee and monthly service fee do not signify ownership, they do afford access to all the Hearthstone’s common areas, programs and amenities. The entrance fee also affords priority access to healthcare services at a discounted market rate and up to sixty complimentary skilled nursing days.  Entrance fees contribute to capital improvements to the building and grounds, avoiding special assessments and ensuring a well-maintained community for years to come. If two people live in a residence, a second person entrance fee of five percent applies.

Is the entrance fee refundable?

The Hearthstone offers an amortizing (commonly described as non-refundable) contract. Refundable contracts may be available upon request. If the request is approved, forty-five percent is added to the published amortizing fee. The non-refundable option amortizes over the first four years of residency.

What does the monthly service fee cover?

In addition to a whole host of inclusions, the monthly service fee covers all utilities, cable TV, Wi-Fi, land line phone service, twice-monthly housekeeping, chef-prepared meals, flexible meal plan, maintenance services, full access to community amenities and programs, scheduled local transportation and monitored emergency response. A full list of monthly service fee inclusions is available upon request. If two people live in a residence, a second person monthly service fee of $1,500 applies.

How does the meal plan work?

There are two dining venues on our campus in which meal credits apply: main dining in the Lakeside building which offers restaurant-style service and Cove Bistro in Cove East, offering quick serve and grab-and-go options, much like a deli or coffee shop. Incoming residents receive a once daily/flexible meal plan. For example, in a thirty-day month, a resident could eat three meals per day for ten days. At meal thirty-one, a per-meal charge—subject to the prevailing additional services rates—would apply. Unless a resident is hosting guests, reservations are not required and there is no pretense around the dining process, i.e. formal attire is not required.

Is the monthly service fee fixed or subject to change?

Based on costs for services, staffing and other operating expenses such as utilities and insurance, the monthly service fee is subject to annual increase.

What happens if short-term care needs should arise?

Each member of the care continuum (those who have paid an entrance fee) receives up to 60 complimentary skilled nursing days. This benefit can be used as needed for skilled nursing stays not covered by Medicare.

Can I decorate or make additional changes to my apartment?

You are welcome to put your personal touches on your new home. Any changes or renovations must first be approved by management, are considered leasehold improvements and are the financial responsibility of the resident.

What is the process for moving to The Hearthstone?

If you are considering a move, our sales department will be happy to host you for a tour of currently available apartments, common areas and will describe the waitlist/entry process. If offered a apartment, prospective residents complete a three page application. If your application is approved, a deposit in the minimum amount of twenty-five (25) percent of the entrance fee is required to reserve the apartment and schedule a move-in date. Deposit percentages may escalate based on the complexity of the transaction and/or the renovation process, if applicable.

  • As a long-time Green Lake resident, when I began to explore retirement living communities, The Hearthstone quickly became the perfect choice. I have met so many wonderful and interesting people here. I enjoy having a bistro in my building and access to so many excellent fitness classes, movies, educational classes and other activities offered. I made the best decision for me, and it is a gift to my children as well. They are grateful that I reside is such a safe, caring and supporting community and so am I.

    ~Terri, Cove East
  • Our decision to move to Cove West at the Hearthstone took several years. We were specifically looking for a non-profit CCRC in order to meet any future healthcare needs. The Hearthstone’s well-established reputation stood out as did the Green Lake location, which in our opinion is unmatched in the Seattle area.  All of the community's amenities and the newly-built (at the time) Cove West sealed the deal. Last but not least, we have found true community with our neighbors.

    ~Dave and Judy, Cove West
  • We lived separately and happily at the Hearthstone for several years, and we still consider our individual moves here to be very good decisions. We met at dinner one evening and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. As a result, the second, totally unexpected decision we made to move in together was another very good decision. Together, we have found something we thought was lost forever. Not everyone finds love at eighty-one. We wouldn’t have either had one of us not moved to The Hearthstone.  

    ~Keith and Therese, The Lakeside
  • I love living at The Hearthstone and in the wonderful Green Lake neighborhood. My fellow residents and I make up a close-knit community in which there are countless opportunities to improve our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. And the food is good too!

    ~Don, The Lakeside
  • We love calling the Hearthstone our home, as does our dog Dosey, who is SO happy living just one block from Green Lake park. Exercise classes and the well-equipped gym keep us physically active. Music trivia and local excursions are fun. The staff supports our daily living with maintenance, cleaning, rides, trips, humor and kindness. We feel lucky to live here.

    ~Ann and Mary, The Lakeside
  • It is all about community at The Hearthstone and not just the Green Lake neighborhood community.  While we love living in such a vibrant neighborhood, it is the true sense of community with other residents and staff members that makes The Hearthstone so special.

    ~Frank and Jean, The Lakeside

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