Giving to The Hearthstone

Expressing gratitude through giving.

As a nonprofit, we see success through a different lens than for-profit organizations. While financial strength and security matter, once basic commitments are provided for, we believe there are other values worth elevating: happiness, future security and peace of mind.

To that end, The Hearthstone Endowment Fund supports what’s most important through generous donations back to our community. From enriching the lifestyle of the community through arts, music and entertainment to helping residents in their time of greatest need, our Endowment Fund helps our extended family in many ways.

Here are a few of the ways donors have made a difference:

Paying It Forward: The Resident Assistance Fund

As a faith-based, 501c3 nonprofit corporation, a component of The Hearthstone’s mission is to ensure that residents who participate in the care continuum and outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own may continue to live in the community. Eligible residents may be invited to apply for the Hearthstone’s Resident Assistance Fund, which is made possible through Board of Trustee designated funds, resident donations and family donations. However, residents joining The Hearthstone on a “month-to-month, no continuing care” contract basis are ineligible to apply for fund assistance.

A Gift of Music: The Entertainment Fund

Former resident Ms. Jackie C. left a sizable grant devoted to community entertainment. As a lifelong musician and an avid fan of classical music, Ms. C. designated her grant to fund concerts, musicians and ensembles, a gift that will touch residents for years to come.

Getting Around: The Transportation Fund

The Transportation Fund addresses the needs of residents without private transportation to medical appointments, shopping or social engagements.

Like a Family: The Greatest Need Fund

The Greatest Need Fund was created to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and to deal with unexpected problems. This fund enables the Board of Trustees to swiftly respond to an urgent need or promising plans that will enhance the quality of life and care for our residents.

What’s Your Passion?

Whether today or in the future via estate planning, you can choose to donate to a fund that matches your interests.

Donate now and make an immediate difference… or plan your giving to effect a lasting change

The spirit of generosity is at the core of our faith and it’s a foundational principle for our community. Through The Hearthstone Fund, we fulfill our charitable mission while enabling residents and friends to establish and support programs that hold personal meaning.

From sponsoring cultural enrichment events to extending a hand to those in need, The Hearthstone Fund can act as your instrument for donations that can change lives now and/or for years to come.

  • Resident Assistance, providing financial assistance to residents in the care continuum
  • Entertainment, established by a musician-resident to sponsor music, arts and other cultural attractions for the enjoyment of residents
  • Transportation, ferrying residents who no longer drive to appointments, shopping trips and other excursions
  • Greatest Need, established to take advantage of new opportunities and deal with unexpected issues that impact quality of life

Four good reasons for giving through The Hearthstone

Our faith compels us to constantly seek out opportunities to express charity – “For it is in giving that we receive.”

You can watch your good works bear fruit right here in our community, on the faces of those who benefit from your generosity.

Create a legacy that will be remembered with gratitude for generations.

To donate by check, please mail your check payable to The Hearthstone to:

The Hearthstone Foundation
6720 E Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA  98103

Each giving opportunity has unique considerations and benefits. For more information on the donation of stocks or any other kind of donation, please contact CEO Reggie Mullis at 206-517-2250 or

The Lutheran Retirement Home of Greater Seattle (DBA the Hearthstone) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Washington. Federal Identification Number: 91-0743702.

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