Wellness Programming

Wellness as a way of life.

Where you live makes a difference in your level of wellness and well-being.

People who move to The Hearthstone often find their activity level increases simply because the neighborhood and park are so conducive to walking. Everything is better with a friend—even working out! Finding like-minded peers committed to lifelong fitness makes it easier to exercise regularly.

The flat, even and well-maintained paths, trails and sidewalks across the street at Green Lake invite a lot of walking. For those people who love to exercise, the three-mile loop around the lake offers plenty of space to go the distance, whether that’s running, biking or simply doing a long walk.

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In the right setting, it’s easy to keep your body, mind and spirit fit for life.

At The Hearthstone, we believe wellness is holistic, encompassing the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, we cover all of the bases by offering a wide variety of on-site classes, as well as a full-time personal trainer to help residents move correctly, set reasonable fitness goals, answer questions or address concerns. With more than 30 classes every week—all of which are all included in your monthly fee—you’ll definitely find something that works well for you.

A sample of our weekly classes

  • Tabata: By far one of our most popular classes, Tabata is high-intensity interval training.
  • Tai Chi: A traditional Chinese practice of breathing and movement. Good for body, mind and spirit.
  • Personal Training: Our professional trainers specialize in coaching mature bodies.
  • Meditation: Besides mindfulness training, groups meet regularly for meditation and prayer.
  • And a lot more: Including brain agility classes, core workouts, circuit training and cardio classes.

More fitness nearby

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, chances are, you’ll find it in the neighborhood.

  • City of Seattle Evans Pool
  • The Yogi Grind
  • Pure Barre
  • OmCulture
  • Modo Yoga
  • Green Lake Fitness

Medical care within minutes

  • Mind Your Body Clinic
  • Full Circle Natural Medicine
  • Northwest Hospital
  • UW Medical Center
  • Virginia Mason, Fred Hutchinson, Kaiser Permanente and Swedish—just 20 minutes away

Fitness at Cove West

All the fitness classes offered at The Hearthstone main campus are available to Cove residents. With that said, The Cove offers a club-like gym of its own that includes strength and cardio equipment, massage therapy services and access to personal consultation from an exercise physiologist. Our professional staff will help you maintain control over your ongoing fitness by offering good guidance and appropriate advice, given your age and level of conditioning.

Choosing life by the lake is choosing a lifestyle of wellness.

  • I say, “The Hearthstone is a Special Place to live.” Yes! I moved to Hearthstone about a year ago. Before ‘life’s restrictions’ and masks I enjoyed new friends in the dining room, common area presentations and activities, walks around Green Lake. During the COVID period of seclusion the staff has been most caring of us; ‘Heroes’ we call them. I felt safe from the beginning. I can still walk Green Lake or visit the Wellness Center five days a week to exercise on high-tech equipment (with masks and a limited number of exercisers). And, massages are again offered. I’m happy I made the decision to move to Hearthstone when I did!

  • A Disneyland for Seniors” was my initial description for family and friends of my transition to the Hearthstone. I so enjoyed the dining, activities (especially ping-pong), exercise and access to Green Lake Nature walks. That all came to a halt in March ‘20 with the arrival of Covid-19. Now I am grateful to be cocooned as a “bird in a gilded cage” to wait out this pandemic. A monthly newsletter “the Spark” with educational articles and enriching life stories leaves me humbled to be neighbors with such special folks. Hearthstone even has two centurion residents as role models!

    MaryKay, Lakeside
  • My move into the Hearthstone’s Cove West, just over a year ago, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My criteria for the decision included; a facility with a continuum of care, flat terrain for walking, located in or near a vibrant community, and, of course, value. All my criteria was met at the Hearthstone in the Green Lake Neighborhood, with the added plus pleasant, welcoming neighbors and a staff ready to assist me in any way. I definitely made the right decision.

    Keith, Cove West
  • Selecting a place to spend your final years is a difficult, and very private, decision. My wife and I moved into The Hearthstone about a month before the pandemic shutdown. And after several months of living here under shutdown conditions we are so pleased with our choice. We have felt very safe, comfortable, and well looked after. Though we've not been able to establish new social relationships the way we would ordinarily do, we have enjoyed sharing the experience with our new acquaintances.

    Bob and Mary, Cove East
  • The transition to my new home has been seamless. The residents and staff have been welcoming and helpful all along the way and I have appreciated how light and open it feels here at Hearthstone.

  • Since moving into Cove East, over 7 months ago, we can now say that we love our new home. That being said, we can’t say that it has been easy. The corona virus has presented us all with challenges. BUT, we are so glad to be living in this community of like-minded neighbors. Even though we only know each other with masks, we have found everyone at Cove East to be friendly and caring. We are all anxious for the day when we will be able to socialize in person. I know we are all looking forward to a more normal life.

    Jim and Jill, Cove East

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