Announcing The Hearthstone Foundation

 In Community News

In fulfilling a long-held organizational goal, The Hearthstone Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the formation of The Hearthstone Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity.  The Foundation will serve current and future residents by securing financial support from individuals and organizations seeking to contribute to our Resident Assistance Program and potential future capital needs.

A component of The Hearthstone’s mission, the Resident Assistance Program ensures that residents who participate in the care continuum and outlive their financial resources have an opportunity to continue living in The Community. Eligible residents who have engaged in frugal financial practices and avoided the inappropriate divestiture of their assets may be invited to apply for The Hearthstone’s Resident Assistance Program, made possible by The Foundation and other donated funds.

The creation of this important new element of The Hearthstone organization represents the culmination of significant work done by board members and our management team to ensure that The Hearthstone Foundation has been properly established to allow for contributions for many years to come.