COVID-19 Updates

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Dear Hearthstone Residents, Family Members, Employees, Trusted Partners and Stakeholders,

In the interest of complete transparency, we created this Covid Update page to share any necessary information and updates about how we are continuing to keep our community safe.

Caring for the health and safety our residents continues to be our top priority. Along those lines, and given the recent lifting of State mandates, visitors to The Hearthstone will still be asked to adhere to protocols and clear a screening process–including a brief questionnaire and temperature check–before entering The Community.

Thank you for your continued support as we focus on the health, peace of mind and quality of life of our residents and employees.


The Hearthstone Management Team

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COVID-19 Updates

May 24, 2023

Since our last update on May 9, 2023, our community has had no new positive Covid-19 cases.

What To Do If You Are Exposed To Covid-19

For 5-days (The Precautionary Period):

  • Mask anytime you are outside of your apartment
  • Try to avoid group activities and gatherings, such as communal eating the dining room
  • Once you report your exposure to the front desk, please call the Dining Services team to order your food to-go
  • Perform an at-home Covid-19 test on days 3 and 5 while monitoring yourself for symptoms
  • If you test negative on both days and are not experiencing any symptoms, you can resume to normal activities on day 7
  • If you test positive, OR if you develop respiratory symptoms, please see the below instructions

What To Do If You Are Positive for Covid-19 or You Start Having Respiratory Symptoms

For Independent Living Residents: 

  • Begin self-isolation for 10-days
  • If you are immunocompromised and continue to test positive after 10 days with no improved symptoms, isolation should be extended 10 more days, or until symptoms improve
  • Notify the front desk, dial “0”
  • The front desk will then alert The Hearthstone Covid Committee who has designated team members that will reach out to walk you through the process and explain the next steps
  • They will also assist in performing rapid Covid-19 tests on days 5 and 7 and monitor your symptoms until they improve
  • Notify your family or responsible party for caregiving support and laundry while you are sick
  • Dining Services will be notified and start delivering your meals while you focus on recovery for 10 days
  • Housekeeping will be notified and will will coordinate trash pick-up and housekeeping issues
  • If you are living with another person (spouse/partner) wear a mask in the house, attempt to keep a 6-foot distance and sleep separately, if possible
  • Notify/see your doctor if your symptoms gets worse

For Guests and Visitors:

  • We ask that anyone who discovers they were positive for Covid-19 after visiting any of our three buildings, or if you believe there’s a chance you exposed someone to Covid-19, please notify our team immediately by calling (206) 525-9666 and pressing option “0”
  • Be sure to provide specific dates, locations and names of residents who you were in contact with at The Hearthstone

Mask Requirements & Changes at The Hearthstone as of April 4, 2023:

While residents are no longer required to mask unless they are in a licensed area or co-mingling with licensed area residents, we ask that guests, visitors, contractors and certain Hearthstone employee departments continue to wear a mask.

Here is a masking policy breakdown, per area:

Residents & Guests

  • Independent Living Residents are no longer required to wear a mask unless they enter into a licensed area, visit with a resident in a licensed area, or co-mingle with licensed area residents in a group setting.
  • Our licensed areas include Assisted Living, Memory Care, and the Health Center.
  • Group settings include events in the Chapel with residents from various levels of care (i.e. the Resident Council Assembly, Mass and other religious services, Movie Night, etc.).
  • If all group participants are IL residents, masking is not mandatory.   However, masking is still recommended for your individual safety.
  • If you arrive to an event where non-IL residents are present and you do not have a mask, The Hearthstone will provide you with one.
  • Assisted Living, Memory Care and Health Center Residents are on longer required to wear a mask unless they are in a group setting (as described above), outside of the care area where they live, or co-mingling with residents from other levels of care.
  • Visitors and guests: All visitors and guests should continue to mask, unless eating, drinking, or visiting with an IL resident inside their apartment.  
  • Co-Mingling: Any IL resident attending a group event that includes residents from other levels of care should wear a mask. 

The Hearthstone Staff 

  • Staff in the Health Center are required to wear surgical masks (that The Hearthstone will provide). If anyone enters the Health Center, they are required to wear a surgical mask.
  • Some departments have decided to have employees continue wearing masks until further notice. Employees are encouraged to speak with their department supervisor(s) for specific requirements.
  • All employees will continue testing for Covid-19. Testing should be done once a week on the employees first day of their work week.

Other related items to note:

  • Due to the continued downward trend of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, effective April 3, 2023, the Washington State Department of Health will end the secretary mask order in health care, long-term care, and adult correctional facilities
  • Vaccinations will continue to be an important tool to keep people safe and protected
  • Health Care providers will continue to follow the DOH Infection prevention Control guidance when it comes to use of PPE
  • We will continue to track The Hearthstone community transmission level
  • Staff will continue testing per the communities transmissibility rate
  • Residents and employees have the right to continue using facemasks or other PPE while on-site
  • Everyone is required to mask anytime residents from different levels of care are comingling. 

Individual Mask Recommendations & Factors to Consider:

  • Take into consideration your vaccination status and the vaccination status of those around you. People who are not up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are more susceptible to COVID-19 and to developing more severe symptoms.
  • Be conscientious of your medical conditions and of those around you that are at increased risk of severe COVID-19 disease.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of the setting you are in (e.g., crowded, poorly ventilated, indoors).
  • If the community transmissibility level is high in King County, or in the community you are visiting, wearing a mask indoors is suggested, regardless of your vaccination status.
  • If the community transmissibility level is medium or high, consider wearing a mask, especially if the individual is at high risk for COVID-19.
  • If you share a household or have frequent social contact with someone who is at high risk, consider wearing a high-quality mask while indoors with them.

Department of Health Links to Online Covid-19 Resources & The Hearthstone Recommendations & Protocols

The Hearthstone Covid-19 Prevention Response & Reporting as of May 17, 2023:

The Hearthstone Covid-19 Infection Outbreak Response & Investigation as of May 11, 2023:

The Hearthstone Covid-19 Visitation Policy as of May 10, 2023:

Updated DOH Mask Guidance as of April 3, 2023:
Are you up-to-date with vaccines? For more information on the current definition of “fully vaccinated”, use this link:

Use this link for more information on SARS-CoV-2 Infection Preventions and Control in the Health Care setting:

For more information on the DOH and CDC recommendations:

For more information on “outbreak” protocols:

For the most recent Independent Living DOH COVID-19 Guidelines, please click the link below:


General Reminder: We ask our residents, family and staff to be mindful and practice caution when we gather. Please refrain from gathering if you are not feeling well, even if your symptoms are mild. This is to protect others and those who are immunocompromised. Wash your hands frequently and avoid large crowds without a mask on.

If you develop symptoms:

Day 1: Perform a RAPID Covid-19 test as soon as possible

Notify the front desk for further instructions

We ask that you self-isolate right away, even if your test results are negative for Covid as we need to be cautious about the Flu transmission as well

Day 3 & Day 7:  Re-test for Covid

Remain quarantined until you have (2) consecutive negative test results with improved symptoms

Continue to wear a fitted mask and avoid eating meals in the main IL dining room until day 10

Day 11: You may resume eating meals in the main IL dining room and are not required to test for Covid for the next (30) days

Note: If at any point a test result comes back positive, please notify the front desk ASAP and begin isolation. A staff member will reach out to you shortly thereafter to guide you through this process

If you are sick, not feeling well, have cold symptoms, headache or achy, please stay home.  Contact your doctor for further instructions and let the front desk know you do not feel well.

Status of Cases

May 24, 2023

Since our last update on May 9, 2023, our community has had no new positive Covid-19 cases.

Past Cases

Residents & Staff 2023 Total # of Cases
as of April 13th
Total # of Cases
Total # of Cases
Total # of Cases
March – Dec.
Independent 2 29 1 5
Assisted Living 0 6 0 1
Memory Care 0 6 0 0
Health Center 0 4 0 7
Staff 6 89 13 17

Safety Protocols

The Hearthstone is following the mandates and recommendations of county, state and federal officials. Caring for our residents’ and employees’ health and safety is our highest priority. Safety measures include:

  • Twice weekly COVID-19 testing for all.
  • The Hearthstone is allowing limited indoor visitations per new guidance from the CDC, CMS and Washington department of health. All residents and visitors must follow infection control measures.
  • Encouraging all residents to self-isolate if they have reason to believe they have been exposed.
  • Asking staff members who had close contact with individuals who tested positive to self-isolate for 14 days.

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