5 Tips for Downsizing When Entering a Continuing Care Retirement Community

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5 Tips for Downsizing When Entering a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Downsizing from a home into an apartment is not without challenges. The thought of moving out of a long-time residence may bring many complex and sentimental feelings. Although this transition may be emotional, moving into a new home within a continuing care retirement community can also be an exciting transition that offers many benefits. 

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The Benefits of Downsizing Before Moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Downsizing is often viewed as a daunting task, but the benefits it brings are invaluable. Reducing the number of belongings leads to an optimized living environment. 

Downsizing can bring ease to the moving process and peace of mind knowing that only necessary items are being packed. Getting rid of additional furniture, kitchen items, and decor can help keep the new living space decluttered.

Although there is typically a whole host of common areas for residents to utilize, abundant storage space is usually scarce.

When is the Best Time to Start Downsizing?

With the search for a retirement community is complete, the downsizing process should begin in earnest. The sooner you begin downsizing, the smoother the transition into your new environment. 

There are two optimal times for people to consider downsizing. 

  • Early retirement planning

Early retirement planning is a great time to identify items in your household that are no longer of use to you. These items can be donated or given to family members or friends.

  • Preparation for moving

Once the specific move date is on the calendar, all of the items in the home should be assessed.

Tips for an Efficient and Smooth Downsizing Process

  1.  Create a plan

Developing a detailed plan can lead to successful downsizing. Identify a timeline for the process and tasks that will need to be completed. Create a sorting process to guide what items will be kept, given to family, donated, or sold.

  1.  Ask for help

Downsizing into a new space can be overwhelming. Consider asking family or friends to help go through the items in the current home and pack in preparation for the move or hire a professional downsizer.

  1.  Prioritize Essentials

Identifying the essential items that will be going to the new apartment first can help speed up the downsizing process. Once the essentials have been placed to the side, focus can be placed on the remaining items. 

  1.  Determine what has sentimental value

Belongings that have sentimental value should be put aside at the beginning of the downsizing process to ensure the most important items are kept safe. 

  1. Focus on one room at a time

Downsizing does not have to be overwhelming. Focusing on one room of the house at a time can eliminate stress about the size and scope of the project.

Create a Moving Day Plan

Minimize the chance of worry on moving days by creating a plan. Small considerations such as timing, weather, and how belongings are being transported will help create a smooth transition into the continued care retirement community.

  • Pack essentials separately for the first night’s stay

Pack a designated box with essential items such as medications, important documents, and personal belongings that will be needed immediately upon arrival at the new home. This can ease any stress that individuals may face when arriving at their new home with all of their belongings in boxes. These essentials should travel with you to your new residence.

  • Acquire help on moving day

Planning accordingly for the moving day may include acquiring a moving vehicle and coordinating help with boxes from movers, friends or family. Ask the retirement community for moving company referrals.

  • Organize in your new space

After arriving at the new apartment, unpacking the necessary items and putting them away can help make the first night in the new apartment an easy transition.

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