The Benefits of Care Continuum when Choosing a Seattle Retirement Community

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The Benefits of Care Continuum when Choosing a Seattle Retirement Community

The choices for retirement living are abundant, especially at the beginning of a search. 

Choosing a Seattle retirement community is a significant and complex decision that involves considering multiple factors. As the search for senior independent living begins, it is important to consider the amenities and activities available on the campus, but more importantly to fully understand the higher levels of care available if and when the need arises.

What is a Continuum of Care?

A continuum of care refers to a spectrum of care services offered to residents within a retirement community. A continuum affords independent living residents’ access to the appropriate type of care if and when their care needs increase. The purpose of the continuum is to provide a comprehensive, integrated and single-site system that promotes wellness, independence and quality of life.

The continuum ranges from short-term skilled nursing rehabilitation to full-time assisted living or memory care.

Independent living

Independent living refers to residences for those ready for retirement, ready to ease the burden of home ownership and those who are seeking the social opportunities associated with communal senior living. 

Assisted Living

Services are designed to help residents retain as much independence as possible. Individual care plans are developed for each resident’s unique needs and may include medication management, mobility support and help with the many activities of daily living.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing takes place in a hospital setting and is predicated by a Doctor’s orders. Types of service provided in skilled nursing units include post-fall rehab, post-surgical rehab, post-infection rehab and end-of-life care among other services. The typical skilled nursing stay is eighteen days and many stays are covered by Medicare.

Memory Care

Memory care services are designed for people with cognitive decline and dementia. Memory care is often received in a locked unit for the highest safety measures and quality of life for those residents.

Is it Common to Find a Continuum of Care Across Retirement Communities?

The hallmark of a continuing care retirement community is access to higher levels of care such as assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing under one roof.

In recent years, access to the full continuum of care in retirement communities has changed.  Many retirement communities have exited or outsourced skilled nursing due to the financial burden that sometimes accompanies skilled nursing operations. When considering Seattle retirement community options, be sure to learn about the specific levels of care provided by each.

The Importance of Retirement With a Continuum of Care

The continuum of care provides seniors with the support they need to maintain their independence while addressing any future care needs that may arise. Many independent living residents never need to access the continuum of care, however, easy access to care under one roof when the time arrives offers great peace of mind by eliminating the need to travel for care or move to a new residence altogether.

Learn More About The Hearthstone: the Leading Seattle Retirement Community

Recognized by Newsweek as the number one continuing care retirement community in Washington State, The Hearthstone offers so much to current and prospective residents, including independent living and access to a full continuum of care in Seattle’s beloved Green Lake neighborhood.

The Hearthstone at night

The Hearthstone campus consists of three buildings: The Flagship Lakeside building on the shores of Green Lake, Cove West and Cove East. Residents in any of our buildings are afforded a full complement of community amenities and CCRC health services, including skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care. Beyond those invaluable services, The Hearthstone provides a true sense of comfort and belonging to all who are happy to call our community their home.

To learn more about The Hearthstone, call  (206) 517-2216 or complete the contact form.